Françoise Abraham

Françoise Abraham has been dancing since the age of six, trained by professors from the Paris Opera, in ballet and contemporary dance. She will be forever marked by the symbiosis of life in motion. The shape in space with imagination, fancy, exuberance, lightness, roundness and humour: these are the few words that represent her work's personality.

Françoise Abraham brings life to her sculptures and make them dance. Demanding, she produces elongated shapes full of sensuality and tenderness. Her feminine figures propel themselves into space with energy, and curiously, even though she takes pleasure in cultivating their curves, her sculptures demonstrate an astonishing lightness. The surprising colors of the bronzes's patinas play with light to provide an extra brilliance and a touching sensuality.

The World of Françoise Abraham sparkles with « joie de vivre » (ou « joy of living », mais tu peux laisser Joie de Vivre car c'est aussi une expression que les Anglais et Américaisn utilisent beaucoup!) and touch of madness.
Her sculptures in colored resin show us how her imaginative vivacity tends to infinity.
Her designs are unique and each piece retains its original feature, such as a painting in three dimensions.

Françoise has the ability to marvel us thanks to her imaginary and each of her creations invites us at the height of an extraordinary journey.
She continues her ongoing research with accessories that accompany her figures and emphasize even more her expression to a greater freedom.
Between technical skills and creativity, Françoise Abraham knows how to protect this great little spark which gives to life a different fragrance...